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Handmade ChocolateEnjoy Raw Chocolate was founded by husband and wife team Chris and Steph Crutchley in November 2014 out of a desire to make a really good, dark chocolate that everyone can enjoy.

Chris loves chocolate but his body isn’t able to tolerate the allergens in most bars and he wasn’t able to eat it for many years. None of the ‘healthy alternatives’ came anywhere near to hitting the spot so he started experimenting making his own chocolate using organic, raw and natural ingredients.  He found to his delight that he could enjoy chocolate made with raw cacao that was free from dairy, soya, gluten and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

Chris developed his recipe and production methods over several years to create a raw chocolate that tastes every bit as good as conventional chocolate made with roasted cocoa, and is a healthier alternative.

As a result, Enjoy Raw Chocolate’s appeal is not just limited to people suffering from food intolerances like Chris, but also discerning vegans and dark chocolate connoisseurs.



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